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Arab Teen Apprehended In Yerushalayim With Large Knife

A 14-year-old Arab was detained on Bar Illan St. in Yerushalayim this afternoon(Tuesdays) after chasing children with a large knife

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During the late afternoon hours today(Teusday), a Palestinian teenager from the territories was taken into questioning after chasing Chareidi children with a large knife.
Police received a report of a young Arab on Bar Illan st. in Yerushalayim brandishing a large knife. Police officers rushed to the scene and found an Arab on Bar Illan st., but without the alleged knife. A fast search of the immediate area turned up the knife, which was presumably tossed away by the Arab before police arrived.

A preliminary investigation reveals that the youngster is a 14-year-old who lives over the green line and works in a local bakery. The Arab claimed that young boys who entered the bakery provoked him, and that’s why he picked up a knife towards them.
Police detained the young Arab together with his father. The owner of the bakery was also detained for employing a minor and illegal alien.

In the past, Gedolei Ysroel have warned against employing Arabs, one of the reasons being, since they pose a grave security risk to Jews living in the vicinity.
Unfortunately, there have been many instances of Arabs employed in Jewish areas who committed terrible acts of terror to Jews in the area.
One sad example is the infamous Har Nof massacre which was carried out by an Arab employed in a nearby store.
Translated By Eli B.

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