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New Decree: Directors Of Mosdos, Non Profits That Will Not Appear At Knesset To Be Fined

Chareidi parties strongly opposed to suggested reform in the Knesset committees, which will mandate heads of Mosdos to appear at the Knesset for hearings which they have been summoned to- or face consequences

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Great Concern: The Chareidi parties, ‘Shas’ and ‘UTJ’ are vehemently opposed to the reform of the Knesset committee regulations led by MK Yoav Kish, who currently heads the committee.
Among other things, the reform calls for fines against heads of mosods and non-profits who do not show up for Knesset hearings, to which they have been summoned to participate in.
According to the reform, government entities will be required to appear in the various Knesset committees when they take place.
The reason: To stop the phenomenon of ‘none appearance’ by some government officials from various ministries.
In addition, the proposal expands the powers of the Knesset committees to invite functionaries in public companies and non-profit organizations.
According to the proposal, failure to report will constitute an offense punishable by fine.

The concern of the Chareidi Mk’s, is that the various heads of committees in the Knesset will obligate administrators of mosdos to attend hearings for none productive reasons, and if they do not show up it will constitute an offense punishable by fine.
Imagine for a moment” said a prominent Chareidi politician to “Bechadrei Chareidim”, they invite the menahalim of Chareidi Seminaries and they force them to show up to a hearing. This is illogical, and we can’t permit it”.

Speaking to “Bechadrei Chareidim” MK Uri Maklev remarked: We oppose, and the position is against the reform. This is a far-reaching proposition, in which public and educational associations will be obligated to attend the Knesset. Directors, CEO’s of non-profits, and the like”.
Prosper of reform, MK Kish claims that the reform will “Strengthen the status of the Knesset as a sovereign…”

Translated By Eli B.

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