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Kachlon Announces 15,000 New Apartments For ‘Micheer Lamishtaken’ Government Assisted Housing

During a press conference today Finance minister Moshe Kachlon announced that a lottery for 15,000 additional apartments will be held for those eligible to receive government assisted housing: “We will remove thousands of young couples from the demand cycle. The young couples will realize a dream”

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Housing Crisis: At a press conference held by finance minister Moshe Kachlon today, the minister announced an additional 15,0000 apartments to be ‘lotteried’ this Motzei Shabbos as part of the government project ‘Micheer Lamishtaken’
According to Kachlon; “Following the success of the ‘Micheer Lamishtaken’, we decided to empower it (the program) and release at one time a lottery of 15,000 housing units, most of them in areas of high demand, this Motzei Shabbos”.

Kachlon further added, “We will take tens of thousands of young couples out of the demand cycle. This party in which entrepreneurs see the young people and take advantage of them is over. The young couples will realize a dream”.

Addressing the fact that many people who do win the lottery for an apartment end up far away from their family, Kachlon said, “We increased the number of locals on the program. We know that kibbutzim and moshavim have the concept of local people. I think that even the urban residents deserve to live next to their family.”

Referring to the talk of early elections Kachlon said, “I do not believe there is anyone who can stop this train of ‘Micheer Lamishtaken’. Yes elections, no elections, yes government, no government- there will be ‘Micheer Lamishtaken’ for the young couples.

Translated by Eli B.

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