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6 Arabs Arrested For Terrorizing Jews In The Muslim Quarter

Police arrested 6 Arabs who systematically made life hard for their Jewish neighbors in order to chase them out of the Muslim Quarter in the old city of Yerushalayim

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Six Arabs were arrested on suspicion of arson and attempted arson on racial basis, in an early morning raid in the Muslim quarter of the old city in Yerushalayim.

צילום: דוברות המשטרה

Police together with border police forces (MAGAV), raided the homes of 6 Arab residents of the old city this morning, arresting six suspects and taking them in for questioning.

Police launched an investigation a few weeks ago, after a few arsons and attempted arsons were carried out on a Jewish home in the Muslim quarter in the old city. In addition, the home also suffered from rock attacks, fire crackers, and molotov cocktail attacks.

B''H there were no injuries reported in any of the attacks.

Focused investigative and intelligence activity led to the identification of the suspects, who are residents of the Old City themselves. Five of the suspects involved in the racial hate activities are minors.

As soon as police correctly identified the suspects involved in the incidents, a court issued arrests and search warrants for the 6 Arabs. As stated, the forces raided the homes of the suspects, who were arrested and brought in for interrogation in the central unit.

A preliminary investigation reveals that the group operated with the intention of chasing out the Jewish residents, who are their neighbors, from the Moslem quarter in the old city. The primary method used by the cell, was lighting fires and causing damage near Jewish homes in the quarter.

Upon the completion of the investigation, the 6 will come before a court who will rule over their actions.

Police have released a statement saying that they will not allow anyone to harm the routine and quiet life in the Old City in particular, and in Yerushalayim in general.
"The routine life in the Old City where people of all religions live side by side will be preserved, and any attempt to harm the routine and safe life will be met with a firm and determined hand and the arrest of all those involved, just as was done in this case", said the police statement.

Translated by Eli B.

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