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Can The BBC Ever Be Trusted?

The BBC’s bias and ‘misleading’ headline about the terror attack that took place Shabbos night was a grave reminder for those that thought the media had regained its credibility, after receiving tremendous backlashes from the Trump administration- nothing has changed

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This past Shabbos night an unfortunate terror attack took place near the old city of Yerushalayim. Three Arab terrorist coordinated a deadly terror attack and gruesomely stabbed to death a border police woman, Hadas Malka Hy”d.

Since the attack was unprovoked and was very similar to the attacks which have recently taken place in Europe; it should have definitely earned the title ‘terror attack’. Even according to western standards which is very reluctant to utter the revered words ‘terror attack’, this attack was not much different then events in Europe which have been labeled terror.

To the worlds shock and disbelief, the BBC ran a headline reading, “Three Palestinians killed after a deadly stabbing in Jerusalem” implying that the Arab terrorist were killed in some kind of ambiguous scuffle.

To his credit, Donald Trump’s son took the initiative and pointed the righteous accusative finger at the British state run news agency for their “Misleading title“,as he called it.

Although Trump junior is right; the headline is definitely ‘misleading’, but a more correct accusation for the headlines is ‘false’. The headline is out of context to the point that it ceases to be true, rather it’s just another piece of fake news, or to put it bluntly- a blatant lie.

Most lies are in fact the truth distorted and taken out of context. This is no different.

Anyone reading the headline would get the impression that some brawl broke and three poor Arabs were killed. Just another typical day in the middle east, where Arabs are innocently killed for no reason.

Although the media has been flagrantly exposed many times in the past few months, especially since the Trump era began, as agenda ridden agency’s that will stop at nothing; including lying, to get their message to the masses.

Some have started to re-trust and believe the mainstream media once again.

The unfortunate truth is, nothing has changed.

This absurd headline is a stark reminder of who the media really is, and how trustworthy they actually are.

Although these accusations would suffice for other media outlets, but for the BBC they don’t do justice.

The BBC is one of the most outstanding anti-Israel media outlets in existence. For years, the agency has been deliberately ‘misleading’ the public with its one-sided bias reporting of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Deliberately not covering terror attacks on Israelis, and mitigating significant details when it does choose to cover acts of violence against Israelis, is just some of the unacceptable misleading tactics it has employed throughout the years in its demonization of Israel.

Although other media outlets can be accused of similar behavior, the BBC has performed outstanding in the field of deception.

The lesson the world must learn from the BBC scandal, is that a news outlet cannot be trusted on everything besides the area that it chooses to be bias in. If its lying about Israel, then aside form it being unprofessional and perhaps even anti-Semitic, it’s not trustworthy, period.

The world should be grateful to the BBC for always portraying who they truly are, and for reminding the public their level of credibility.

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